As a naturopathic practitioner, I work to address the root cause not just manage the symptoms of illness and disease. 

Has allopathic medicine failed you?

Have you seen Dr after Dr to only be told your lab results are all within the normal range?

Do you still feel like something is being left unchecked?

Most of my clients come to me after they’ve exhausted all other options. 

I hope this isn’t you!

I hope you haven’t had to endure the level of exhaustion, disappointment, and stress that comes with being told you are fine when you know you aren’t.

If it is, I too have been in your shoes once before. 

Which is why I decided to become a Traditional Naturopath.

I implore naturopathic medicine principles which treat the body as a whole and nail down the root cause of illness and disease!

Areas of illness we address 

Chronic Illness


Epstein Barr Virus

Gut health

Leaky gut



Fatty Liver

Heavy Metals

Mold Toxicity

Heart Issues

& more  


Identify the root cause


Mssess gut health


Implement scientifically proven methods


Achieve Amazing Health

“The Dr of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure & prevent disease with nutrition.”

Thomas Edison


reached out to Amanda after struggling with stomach issues that no one could seem to figure out how to solve. After testing and working with her I feel so much relief from my gastritis. I was diagnosed with anemica as well. I was treated by my Dr but never got better. after several months working with Amanda my hemoglobin went from less than an 8 to 12.6 and my ferritin went from a 3 to a 6 and still improving. Amanda has helped me in so many ways but one thing she did was change the way I look at food. I always wanted to be healthy and with her help I was able to loose more than 40 lbs!

-Carissa Delgado


I was suffering from horrible bloating, fatique, cravings, and stomach pain. I saw a gastroenterologist who told me I just had inflmmation in my gut and nothing else. My Dr could never find anything wrong either after running so many labs and bloodwork. Amanda did a gut analysis and told me I had something called candida. After a few months of eating right and detoxing I’m feeling like myself again and no more cravings!

– Jennifer Hansen


I worked with Amanda on my EBV re activation issues which were causing autoimmune issues. In the beginning I was a little skeptical on how things would work because I live in India and she is in the US but it all worked out well. She did a full analysis with all the blood works dating back 5 years. She asked multiple questions to uncover the facts and got on the first conference call with solutions. She also shared studies that validated her suggestions. The first meeting was very structured and I was convinced she identified the root cause of my illness. She found supplemetns that could be delivered to my country and was very accomodating when choosing alternatives. Amanda is supportive and is available for followups when I hit small dips in my recovery. She understands the mind body connection and giudes me on emotional and physiological healing. I am grateful to the universe and divine intelligence for this connection.

-Sumith Motla

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