4 of the Best Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

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Seasonal Allergies are killer. They kill my ability to sleep, My ability to function normally, and my usually pleasant and chipper mood. No One likes to feel like their head is going to explode with any sudden move. I’m talking sinus headaches, pressure, stuffy nose, runny nose, post nasal drip and all of the other icky not so fun stuff that comes along with it.

In my 30 years of life I had not suffered any type of allergic reaction until I became pregnant. It’s just part of the craziness it takes to create life I presume. And now every time the weather changes my allergic Rhinitis flairs up. Did I mention I live in New England where we have all four seasons and the weather changes on a daily basis. There is no typical weather in Rhode Island for any time of year, one day its 100 degrees and sunny and the next it’s 50 degrees with torrential flooding.

In all seriousness I was suffering pretty badly especially since I’m not the type to reach over and grab the Claritin or Flonase. So I did what I normally do research every natural cure there is and try them all! I’m not kidding, I did just about everything you can think of. From Supplements to oils I’ve found the best cures that really do work.


My top Natural Cures for Seasonal Allergies


Local Honey or Bee Pollen- I always drank Raw Organic honey in my tea but it was almost never local. I would purchase it at whole foods or Trader Joe's or another health food store in the area. Due to the expense I never reached for that $12.00 jar of Aquidneck which is a locally owned and operated Bee farm here in Rhode Island. I did however give it a try. After reading that local honey could be the answer to an allergic response to bee pollen I looked into why that is. When a person ingests local honey or bee pollen it is thought that a person becomes less sensitive to this type of pollen. Consuming local honey may help to develop immunity to bee pollen and has a different immune response when consumed than when exposed through the air. Although research has been conflicting and inconclusive I can personally attest to the fact that local honey has helped reduce or clear up my allergic symptoms. I would recommend 1 tbsp a day 1-2 months prior to allergy season. I use honey as a sweetener in my tea often so I expose myself year round which in my case has shown dramatic results. Plus it tastes pretty darn good in my Organic Ginger Turmeric Tea.


Standardized Turmeric- I mentioned Turmeric as an ingredient in my tea and as a spice it is normally used to season middle eastern dishes. However, turmeric has been used in supplementation form as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Seriously, this stuff works. I cannot praise Turmeric’s abilities more. It not only cleared up a sinus infection in 2 days but it also helps relieve joint and muscle pain from working out. I take Turmeric in capsule form only when necessary because I don’t want my body to get too used to it where it doesn’t work as well the next time around. Also I take 4x the recommended daily dose because I’m trying to combat serious inflammation so I need a serious amount of Turmeric. 1 capsule is 50 mg and I take 4 which is 2,000 mg. I do this for 2-3 days or until my allergies and or sinus infection has cleared up. There is no specific right or wrong amount of Turmeric so do what is best for you, within limits of course. I would not suggest inhaling an entire bottle. If your body is normally sensitive as is mine I would start off with 2 capsules or 1000 mg and move up from there.


Nasal Spray or Nasal Rinse- This is a common one! The first thing a doctor will tell you is to keep your nasal passages clear of any debris. I do this in 2 ways. The neti pot or another type of nasal irrigation system is a plastic container shaped like a tea kettle with a spout. You fill the pot with filtered water and add a salt pack which is usually included in the kit you buy at the drugstore. You tip your head to the side facing down into the sink. Be sure to breathe through your mouth and relax. The water will enter from one nostril and exit through the other. As it does this it will clean out your sinus cavities of any debris that may have accumulated when you breathe. The next way to keep your nose clean is to use a nasal spray. I’m not talking about the medicated type ike flonase. I’m talking about an all natural spray. My absolute favorite is Xlear. It contains Xylitol and grapefruit seed extract which are proven to help irritation. Use this several times a day and it really helps to clear up any congestion, and if it runs down the back of your throat it doesn’t taste so bad either.


Essential Oils- I use Essential oils on a daily basis, mainly in aromatherapy. Not only do essential oils cross the blood brain barrier and cause a chemical reaction but they smell pretty darn good. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not spray a bunch of chemicals in the air I’m breathing. I have enough trouble with the irritants that already exist. When I am using Oils for my allergies however, I do tend to use them topically. This is the fastest rate of absorption and the most readily available. I like to create an allergy-ease combo and administer it with a roll on pen. You can follow my recipe below or purchase one that’s already made.


One time use

2 drops Peppermint Oil

2 drops Eucalyptus Oil

3 drops Lavender  Oil

3 drops lemon Oil

1 tspn of oil


If you would like to make a 15 ml roll on you would need to use 3 tsp of oil and multiply the oils by 3.

6 drops Peppermint Oil

6 drops Eucalyptus Oil

9 drops Lavender  Oil

9 drops lemon Oil

3 tspn of oil


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