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          In the word’s of Oprah “ I- lovvvve- bread”. Seriously, who doesn’t love bread? Bread is a staple at the dinner table and the main reason why your sandwhich tastes so good. I mean what else would you do at a restaurant when you’re about to die at the thought of waiting another moment for /your entree. The tantalizing smell of another person’s food passes your table and you immediately start salivating. Then you're saved, the waiter slides a basket of hot delicious sourdough across the table and you're in heaven. Delighted at the smell, the taste, the texture. Everything about bread delights your taste buds. You rip off a piece and release the steam from the loaf, you immediately slather it in butter and sink your teeth in to take a bite. Ohhhh the goodness that your senses can taste and smell. Did I mention that I really love bread? What I had not mentioned is that my love of bread has come to an end.


          I was never officially diagnosed with non celiac gluten sensitivity. My doctor didn’t feel it was necessary to test for what we could both see as obvious. The once euphoric feeling I had when eating bread has turned into something I dread. Never did I think I would have to give up the one food that I loved the most. I had already given up so much in the years prior. I had already changed my lifestyle so much to regain health, and here I was again, going through the hardest change yet.


          I didn’t know gluten was having such a terrible effect on my body until 2016. I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, loss of energy, anxiety, depression, and so much more. As a person who completely revamped their eating habits while studying nutrition I have learned the effects certain foods can have on the body. I know that fruits and veggies keep me clean and lean and that over processed and fried foods keep me unmotivated and unhealthy.


          For people with Celiac Disease gluten can wreak havoc on their intestines by creating an autoimmune response leading to inflammation. Inflammation is the leading cause of disease and is very prevalent in our society today. Inflammation is your body’s response to stress and triggers include diet, lifestyle, and the environment. When you consistently experience inflammation you are more susceptible to illness and premature aging.


          Through the study of food and the affect it has on the body I realized there were several triggers in my diet that were causing me inflammation. The biggest trigger was Gluten and it gave me all sorts of problems from irritable bowels to anxiety and depression. Even the littlest bite of bread sent me into a downward spiral. I felt like I was being poisoned by my favorite food and I didn’t know why.


          How did I know my body was having a reaction to these foods you may ask? Well I didn’t at first, but I implemented an elimination diet where I stopped eating my trigger foods. I removed all allergenic foods including  Gluten and dairy to see what effect that would have on mood, gut, and mental stability. By adopting an elimination diet where I stopped eating my trigger foods for a few months and then reintroducing them I realized the Cause. It was Gluten, and here is where I said goodbye to my beloved loaf of bread.


          By eliminating Gluten I no longer had feelings of anxiousness and depression. The brain fog disappeared and I felt mental clarity. I also noticed I was regaining the energy I once had. I couldn’t believe all of these symptoms occurred because of wheat ingestion.Why now? I asked myself. I have been eating wheat and wheat byproducts my entire life. What has changed? Well, Wheat has changed! What was wheat in the past is no longer the wheat we eat today? The traditional wheat strain has been modified by mankind into something that is no longer immune system friendly and is being deemed a toxin by our body. The reaction our body is having much like an allergic reaction is causing inflammation in our gut and throughout our body.


          I want to note that I do not have Celiac Disease, which is an inability to process the gluten protein. What I suffer from is gluten intolerance due to the toxic chemical overload from the herbicide glyphosate that is sprayed on wheat crops prior to harvesting. My body has done a great job at warning me of anything toxic it comes in contact with, this came as a result of detoxifying, eating organic, and reducing the chemical overload to my system. If you believe you are suffering from an inability to digest gluten or a gluten sensitivity please see your doctor, as this can be a serious issue if left untreated.


          So, here I am trying to make sense of it all. All I could think about was everything I couldn’t eat instead of focusing on the nutrient dense food I still could. How was I going to enjoy my favorite sandwich from my favorite deli or something as simple as a pb & j. No croutons in my ceasar salad or breading on my favorite spanish dish. The thoughts swirling in my head had to be put to an end so I started looking at alternatives.


          I know I seem a bit dramatic but being gluten free really wasn't all that hard. I had already adopted a healthier lifestyle that was full of gluten free grains like quinoa and brown rice so fully transitioning was a tad bit easier. There are some people who gorge themselves on wheat products alone who have a much harder time being gluten free. So I stopped focusing on the negative aspects of my new situation and found the good.


          I completely removed gluten containing products from my life. That meant foods, personal care products, and anything else imaginable. If you ever wondered why something as inconspicuous such as toothpaste has the gluten free mark I’m here to tell you why. Gluten can find its way into everything. The wheat industry is so profit driven that they sell their by-products as additives and fillers instead of disposing of it properly.


          The largest distributor of Ascorbic acid for example, which is added to millions of different products as vitamin C, discloses the process they use to make it and its derivatives as wheat and corn. Meaning gluten can be hiding anywhere, even your favorite apple juice. Yes, the amount of gluten that is probably found in these products are minimal at most but can accumulate in your body over time having the same inflammatory effect you try to stear clear of.


          Luckily for me I do not have Celiac which is a Disease that can damage the small intestine’s lining, lead to leaky gut syndrome, and malabsorption of some nutrients. Having Celiac disease is a serious illness that requires you to avoid gluten in any way shape or form. It is very important for the food you eat and the products you use to have no contact or contamination with gluten by any means.


          Because people with Celiac suffer damage to their intestines even the littlest bit of gluten over time will still do harm. Although I cannot ingest wheat products directly like bread or beer for example, I don’t have to be as strict. No, I cannot eat Gluten by any means but unlike Celiac sufferers I can eat food that was manufactured in the same area gluten has been. Most people with Celiac will have a reaction if Gluten has even been present in the air. However, it is still difficult to avoid gluten poisoning when I go out to eat so I still have to be very careful.


          Being gluten free was not easy or fun at first but I’ve found innovative ways to still enjoy my favorite treats. I’ve also noticed I remain a bit slimmer without wheat. I’ve learned to appreciate my body even more for its ability to heal and love the toxic free, gluten free me!

For more information on how to achieve a gluten free you stay tuned!


Xo Amanda

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