3 of the Best Probiotics that Can Help You With Weight Loss

Best Probiotics For Weight Loss Many people are catching on to the fact that a good gut equals good health and a way to a good gut is through the use of probiotics. Probiotics are now being used for weight loss as a way to restore the good bacteria in your gut which helps with […]

4 Natural Weight Loss pills for women

I know every women out there is looking for that majic pill or potion to melt the fat away, and natural weight loss pills for women are becoming very popular,  but truth be told there isn’t one. Especially not one that is safe or as effective as traditional weight loss. There is however many herbs […]

7 Effective Ways To Treat A Fever Naturally

Here are the top 7 effective ways to treat a fever naturally. Parents always know the signs, first you child comes home with a runny nose that turns into a cough that keeps you up all night. Then they become irritable and start running a fever. Oh no! better grab the Tylenol or fever reducer. […]

How To Read A Food Label

SADLY ENOUGH, MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT SAVVY WHEN IT COMES TO INTERPRETING FOOD LABELS Not everything that is marketed natural, healthy, or low fat is necessarily good for you. The information in this blog will be your guide to the basics. I’ll walk you through reading and understanding nutrition facts and help you to encode […]

Why are GMO’S BAD

WHAT IS A GMO, AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? These are the questions conscious consumers should be asking themselves. Would you eat something again, knowing it could potentially harm you and your body? GMO STANDS FOR GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM It is a plant/animal that has been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, and other […]

5 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut Water is a great low calorie and low sugar alternative to plain water that offers many heath benefits when consumed appropriately. Have you ever imagined climbing up the trunk of a coconut tree and picking the freshest young coconut you can find. You jump down and crack it open with an arrowhead laying nearby. […]

What Are The Benefits of Eating Organic Food?

I love love love Organic food, I mean I love food in general. Food is an amazing thing when you learn how to utilize it properly, and removing the toxic overload of conventional food has helped me tremendously. It has helped me so much that I have even shed a few pounds because of it. […]